High School


The objectives of the high school Physical Education program is to expose students to a wide variety of team and individual sports and lifetime and leisure experiences. The High School program focuses on developing competency of motor skills and movement patterns in a wide variety of activities which are designed to develop the overall physical fitness and wellness of students.The ultimate goal is to maximize student participation and engagement while providing a meaningful learning experience All activities are designed to enrich the physical fitness of the students by providing knowledge and experiences that enhance each student's “wellness.” To meet the interests of the students, a variety of courses are offered including individual/team sports, fitness, wellness, games and lifetime activities.  

Team Sports

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Team Handball
  • Softball

Individual Sports

  • Tennis
  • Golf 
  • Badminton
  • Pickleball
  • Fitness Components
  • Yoga
  • Racquet Ball
  • Weight Training 
  • Pilates
  • Crossfit

Adventure Education

  • Cooperative Games
  • Recreational Games

Elective Courses

  • Advanced