IRB Application

Institutional Review Board

Students who wish to conduct research, for any particular class at Wantagh High School, must obtain prior approval of the Institutional Review Board to conduct their research.

The link below contains the Institutional Review Board Reasearch Application to gain that approval.

Students must:

  1. Click on the link below, When document opens got to FILE>Make a copy and it will move to your drive.
  2. Fill in all fields in the form and save.
  3. Print out the completed form.
  4. Attach all required appendicies with your application.
  5. Return a copy of the completed form and appendicies to your Research teacher(s).

All applications will be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board and students will be notified through their instructor if their proposal has been accepted or denied. If denied, students will be given the opportunity to revise their application and resubmit for approval.

IRB Application